Why is Job Fair The Best Time for Promotion?

There are two sides who can benefit from job fairs and trade shows. While everyone likes to focus on the benefits for individuals who are looking for a job, these events are also a great way for companies to find new employees in an efficient manner. Instead of sending out online blasts advertising a job, companies can meet with potential candidates in person.

Filter-in talented applicants 

Holding a job fair in major cities is a much better way to scope out the available talent, as opposed to going through resumes and cover letters that were sent online. When you meet with applicants, you are getting to see them in the flesh. This gives you an idea about their personality, mannerisms and professionalism.

Companies will often take part in job fairs and trade shows throughout the year. While the two things are often confused, trade shows are quite different from job fairs. A job fair is designed to give employers and potential employees a chance to meet. Meanwhile, trade shows are events where companies can showcase their latest products and services, allowing clients and interested members of the party to get a feel for how the company is making progress.

One great way to promote your company’s brand and image at a job fair or trade show is through cheap promotional products. It may seem like a cliché, but handing out flyers, pens, pencils, notebooks, hats and t-shirts is a great way to make sure your company’s brand is out there in the market.

If you are starting a new business and you want to make an impact in a particular industry, attending trade shows is a great way to show outstanding individuals what you have to offer. Not only do potential clients and business partners participate in these tradeshows, but customers who have a keen interest in an industry will also attend.

Viral Brand Awareness

Handing out promotional products at these events is a great way to make sure a customer or potential client remembers your company’s name and logo. It may seem trivial, but when they take home a t-shirt or pen with your company’s branding, they will always have something in their possession to remind them about your business.

Maybe they will pick up that pen in a few weeks and take a look at the markings. If they see your company’s logo, they may recall your presentation at the tradeshow, which could peak their interest and cause them to do further research on your business.

Sometimes the promotional products do not have to be cheap and trivial. Many companies will offer out samples of their products to entice people to visit their booth. If someone comes to your booth in hopes to get a promotional product, you still have a chance to impress them with information about your company. Even a five-minute chat can convince someone who has an interest in your company’s products to give them a try at a later date.

Giving out free samples is a calculated risk on the part of business. Typically, established companies are better able to absorb the cost of giving out free samples, because they have a bigger budget for marketing their latest products. Newer businesses may have to assess how many free samples they can afford to give without compromising their finances.